Product Description


Decrease body fat, Increase muscle size,strength.Increase sex drive,energy.Increase muscle recovery




Increasing nitric oxide has become the new secret weapon for athletes and bodybuilders. Athletes are now taking NOX FLEX to support the flow of blood and oxygen to the skeletal muscle. They also use NOX FLEX  to facilitate the removal of exercise-induced lactic acid build-up which reduces fatigue and recovery time. Since arginine levels become depleted during exercise, the entire arginine-nitric oxide -loop can lose efficiency, causing less-than-ideal nitric oxide levels and higher lactate levels. Supplements can help restore this loop allowing for better workouts and faster recovery from workouts.

Amino Flex

Improved Muscle Growth.Reduce fatigue.Improve recovery.Reduce muscle soreness.




Feel younger,more energy,improve overall health status,help with depression and obesity.Improve muscle strength,reverse aging and boost immunity



Increase in testosterone levels,
Increase in levels of the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).
Increase gains in strength and power,
Better sleep,results in better muscle recovery.